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As your company grows, it is more important than ever to implement long term solutions to your challenges. Brainstraw helps you organize your business around one centralized system so that you can easily connect and communicate throughout the organization. With a fully integrated operational platform ,Brainstraw enables you to improve business processes so you can deliver superior customer service to our clients and achieve productivity and profitability goals. Built on industry best practices, Brainstraw provides the features and benefits not only look for, but require to get the most out of their business processes. We put control of your business where it belongs: In your hands. True visibility into all aspects of your business is now within your reach. You and your team can work with greater efficiencies than ever before. Brainstraw dramatically increases your ability to manage all areas of your business including:

  1. IT Consulting Services
  2. Hardware Repair
  3. Computer Network Repair,
  4. Onsite 24/7 Emergency Service
  5. Independent medical examination software



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